Oriental Dancers

The Oriental Dancers are not belly dancers. The steps and motions are not hard but they are a form of exercise.  We use a lot of arm and hip movements.  The moves and costumes are both appropriate for our age group as most of us are over 50 years of age.  We meet every Monday at 10 am at the Scottish Rite for practice during the months of January through mid-May and September through November.  During the summer we meet every other Monday except in June (we take this month off) and our practices and rehearsals during the summer are not mandatory.  We take off the month of December due to the busy Holiday Schedule.  We are a performing unit and so if you wish to perform you must practice but you can be a member and not perform.  We have official meetings on the 3rd Monday of the month except for June, July, August and December.  The meetings start at 10 am and if there is time we rehearse afterwards.  We are a fun group.  The camaraderie is great.  Members pay yearly dues of $10.00 each. Fundraisers have included events such as…We are open to new ideas and events. We also assist in court duties such as decorating the court lunch tables if requested by the High Priestess.

Our Members are:

  • Mary Jane Hamilton
  • Sherry Delgado
  • Linda Soltis
  • Diane Abinson
  • Karen Beisler
  • Barbarann Cordova
  • Jennie Crawford
  • Pat Dennis
  • Mary Fletcher
  • Linda Gesko
  • Linda Levin
  • Carolyne Long
  • Patricia “PC” Mabray
  • Marjorie Martini
  • Brenda Meadows
  • LaVerne Mims
  • Elaine Ortt
  • Beatty Shipley
  • Janet Trettau
  • Pam Trudel
  • Kay Weyer
# First Name Last Name
1 Marjorie Martini
2 Linda Gesko
3 Diane Albinson
4 Beatty Shipley
5 Linda Soltis
6 Sherry Delgado
7 LaVerne Mims