Oriental Dancers

Directress: Lady Nydia Pease

The Oriental Dancers Unit is a dance group that dances to either Egyptian, Arabic, Indian or American music that fit the style of the orient.  We perform at court ceremonies if requested by the High Priestess, the Sunshine Unit Meet, and at the Grand Council Convention if we have enough dancers attending.  We try to have at least one fundraiser during the year to support Shriners Childrens Hospital and local charity organizations.

Merrie Makers

Directress: Lady Patricia Dennis

The Merrie Makers Unit puts the ‘fun’ in our functions and bring cheer to court meeting and other events by performing a variety of skits.


Directress: Lady Marjorie Haab

The Clowns are one of the most active units representing Sar I Court #79. Our group performs at Ceremonials, parades, Shrine Hospital events and yearly SUM weekends.

Klassy Kickers

Directress: Lady Mary Fletcher

This unit …