2023 September Note from our High Priestess

I hope this finds you HAPPY, HEALTHY and READY  to get back into FULL SWING at Court.  For all of our sisters in fellowship who have had illness and or losses while we have been apart, please know that we LOVE and SUPPORT YOU, and if you need anything please just reach out…. We are here for one another!

We have had some events over the summer months that have kept us in touch and I thank Lady Kay Neary, PHP for heading up our “brown bag” lunches with games and laughs for July and August.  Our Christmas in July was a Huge Success for the P.O.P.S division of Shriners Children’s of Tampa.  Thank You Lady Mary Jane Hamilton, PHP for leading the charge on our toy drive.  We managed to collect well over Four Thousand dollars in toys!!!  Way to go ladies.  Also in  July; Lady Tanya DeWitt and I participated in the Lethal Luau, put on by the ladies of Cairo Ct.  Ladies from Cairo, Tahuti, Nefertiti all participated.  We had a fun time playing characters in a Lethal Luau, and we will have to think about hosting something for all the Courts next summer.

I am looking forward to a busy fall!  We have a Ceremonial in October.  Welcome to all of our new fraternal sisters!  S>U>M:  Around the World with Kismet, November 3rd & 4th in Orlando. Registration cut off date is October 4th.  “Hillbilly Golf” This is our 2nd Annual for this event and it’s going to be a HOOT!  Make sure you participate in the fun.  December will be our Grand High Visitation and Holiday Party.  Please ladies, let’s do our best to show Lady Karen what a GREAT COURT we truly are!  I have enclosed information on the Grand Highs special project for the year, Supporting AMC.  Check it out and let’s do our best to raise money for this project.

I want to close by saying to you all Thank You!  You all have made me so very proud to be a part of Sar-I court!  We get out of this organization what we put in. Think back to when you joined and how hard it was to meet someone new or understand some of the “do’s and don’ts”  that everyone else seems to understand but you don’t… Do us all a favor and reach out to someone new and lend a hand or just let them know that we all mess up on our “do’s and don’ts” sometimes!


Keeping It Classy,

Lady Annie Begley, High Priestess

Sar-I Ct 79