Life at SAR-I

Annual Hill Billy Golf Event

What a great time we all had at the  annual Hill Billy Golf Event!  We had 65 golfers, 6 hecklers, 11 sponsors, and 21 other donations. Click the link below to see details and pictures of the event in years past.

Annual Fashion Show & Luncheon

SAR-I’s fashion show and luncheon is an exciting way for us to raise money and a fun time for all who attend.  Click the link below to see details and pictures of the event in years past.

Sunshine Unit Meet

Sunshine Unit Meet (SUM) is an annual event where members of the various Courts in the Southeast region get together develop and renew relationships. It is attended by the Grand High Priestess and units from each of the Courts are invited to perform at this event.

Hospital Workshop

The workshop was established to provide quilts, lap robes, clothing, P.J. dresses, tops, shorts, and other articles of clothing for children at the Shriner’s Hospitals and clinics. We also provide toiletries, such as lotions, soap, mouthwash, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc. We hand-paint blocks of fabric and sew them together to create quilts for the children to keep.

Annual Grand High Visit

The Grand High Priestess honors us with an annual visit.  This visit is planned and managed by SAR-I’s Associate Princess.  The whole court gets involved to make it a successful and memorable visit. During her visit we learn more about her Grand Project and the upcoming Grand Council

Annual Holiday Party

The annual SAR-I Christmas party is typically the first week in December.  The First Ceremonial Lady is responsible for planning and managing this event.