Post Hillbilly Golf Event

What a great time we all had at the 2023 Hill Billy Golf Event!  We had 65 golfers, 6 hecklers, 11 sponsors, and 21 other donations.  All the holes were decorated with appropriate themes like the Gator Pit, Garden Gate, the Still, Granny’s Clothesline, Fishin’ Hole, and the Out House.  Thanks to Wink Thornton for all the funny signs placed around the course.  We had wonderful sponsors, good attendance, and crazy hecklers. The ‘vittles’ included great hamburgers and dawgs, thanks to Roland Yates, and fun music thanks to Chuck. A big thanks to Tom Houser for the AIR CONDITIONED PORTA POTTIES. And to greet people at the entrance was the Shrine Hillbilly Truck.  At the end we had a hog calling contest and presenting of prizes.