“She Rises by Lifting Others”.. Lady Kowena Suckstorf, 2nd Ceremonial Lady

Greetings from the Second Ceremonial Lady

I can’t believe how time has flown by. My time so far as the Second Ceremonial Lady has been a wonderful experience. All the Ladies who attended my ‘coming out’ party (in person and by proxy) at the Sunshine Unit meet made me feel very welcome and gave me a great sense of belonging. The love and support shown by everyone

in the court has buoyed my drive to serve. It has been my touchstone while working on our 2024 fashion show and luncheon.

All the logistics for the fashion show are in place. Now we just need to sell tickets!  If you haven’t already taken tickets to sell, please contact me for a packet of five. Of course, one is for yourself, so that only leaves four to sell.  Thank you for trusting me with this important event.  Together we can make it a successful fundraiser for our court and our children.