Holiday Greetings to the AMAZING Ladies of SAR-I 79. I hope this finds you all Happy, Healthy and sharing time with your families.

I would like to start by welcoming Leslie, Jennifer, Marcia, Laura and Connie, our newest members of SAR-I and “Classy Cars”. I am honored to have you in our Court and a part of Karen’s Classy Cars.

My hope is that you create great friendships while we work together to benefit the children and families of Shriners Children’s. Remember, you get out of this organization what you put into it.

Thank you everyone for your participation at SUM and congratulations to all of our winners for “Around the World” night. Way to represent your heritage ladies!

Our 2nd annual “Hillbilly Golf” was a fun-filled success! Thank you to Lady Kay Neary, PHP for hosting this event again, at her home and Lady Wilma Thornton, Jr PHP and her Noble Wink Thornton for heading up and being “In Charge” of this fundraising event, their hard work is appreciated and our fall was very fulfilling.

I hope that everyone enjoyed our Wonderful Grand High Priestess Lady Karen Pryztula. One thing you will all hopefully have learned about Lady Karen is she is Very passionate for this organization and the Support AMC Project. Lady Karen is someone to be admired for her many attributes, but the one that I am most im- pressed with is her organizational skills! I am in Aawww!

The Holiday Luncheon we had in her honor was a great success! I am so proud of Lady Brenda and the wonderful job she did in planning a Holiday Luncheon/Party!

Ladies Again… I am so fortunate to be the High Priestess of this Great Court, you ladies are so wonderfully supportive and generous with your time and talents! So… let’s put those talents to work for our Fashion Show in February. Try to sell 5 tickets (including the one you buy) I know you have friends outside of SAR-I, so “go get em girls” let’s make this the most amazing fundraiser yet! Remember, everyone will leave with a prize!

Elections are coming up in February so, think about running for our Line of Officers. Lady Sherry would love to have a full line to start her year. Let’s continue to grow this court with “Each One ~ Reach One”

Blessings Upon You All, Keeping It Classy,

Lady Annie Begley, HP