It’s hard to believe that as I am writing this, the summer is drawing to a close.  In just a short time we will be back in force for our meetings and activities.  We do have a lot to anticipate.  In November we get to participate in the annual Sunshine Unit Meet in Orlando and reconnect with many of our friends from other courts.  Our Grand Holiday Party will be on December 6th at the Venezia in Venice.  It will be a combination of our official visit with Lady Karen and our annual holiday party.  The Fashion Show in February is always a fun event – seeing some of our ladies modeling lovely outfits.  I know Terry is looking forward to it.  My class, the Whimsical Mystic Ladies, this past May got a chance to see our forever dress and fez.  They are both absolutely stunning.  For those of us who could not attend Grand Council the reveal was done on Zoom so we could participate in it.  I’ve ordered mine and now check the mailbox hopefully every day.  Maybe a little soon for a 2025 installation?  Being a part of Sar-I Court and the class of the Whimsical Mystic Ladies has added many wonderful individuals to my life.  I truly enjoy being a part of this institution, its good work, and great fellowship.  See you lovely ladies in September.

Swimming with the Mermaids and Blowing Bubbles

Brenda Meadows, Associate Princess