Court Roles and Responsibilities

The ‘line’ in an LOS Court is the equivalent of an executive board in other organizations. There are five positions on the line: 1st and 2nd Ceremonial Ladies, Associate Princess, Princess, and High Priestess. Each of these roles is  responsible for stated ritualistic duties. In our court there are other role-specific responsibilities are listed below

High Priestess

Becoming High Priestess of a court is a 5-year journey. The High Priestess is charged with the enforcement of the laws of the Order, the Bylaws and Code for the Government of Subordinate Courts, the general supervision of the affairs of the Court, the appointment of the committees except as otherwise specified, and such other duties as may be required of her as the Executive Officer of the Court.

The High Priestess of any court has the privilege to bring before the court any motions being made from members of said court, once a motion has been made and seconded it is her duty to lead the court in a vote without persuasion of the motion one way or another. The High Priestess may give clarification but does not give judgment. Any woman who has been voted on by her peers is honored to be entrusted with the duties of her court.


The Princess is responsible for

Associate Princess

The Associate Princess assures that everyone attending a stated meeting is authorized to be there.  In addition, she plans and executes the annual Grand High Priestess’ visit from activities, to lodging, to transportation. The Associate Princess contributes articles for the SAR-I newsletter

First Ceremonial Lady

First Ceremonial Lady is responsible for planning and executing the annual holiday party. She has a significant role in Ceremonials and contributes articles to the SAR-I newsletter.

2nd Ceremonial Lady

2nd Ceremonial Lady is responsible designing and implementing an event that serves as primary fundraiser for raising our court’s operating funds. This event is typically a fashion show and luncheon. She plays a significant part in Ceremonials and contributes articles to the SAR-I newsletter

Court Recorder

The Court Recorder shall record all transactions of the court including taking the minutes at stated meetings. She shall see that the current Rules and Regulations are filed in the front of the Minute book. She receives all revenue and pay same to the treasurer at the close of each meeting. She is responsible for appropriate dispensations and roll call. She sends out all correspondence on behalf of the High Priestess and other members of the court. The Recorder reads incoming correspondence at the stated meetings, announces bills to be paid and those that have been paid.  The recorder is also responsible for documenting the status and progress of candidates and members in good standing.


The Court Treasurer is manages the courts finances. She …

Oriental Guide

The Oriental Guide


The Marshall

Inner Guard

The Inner Guard

Outer Guard

The Outer Guard


The Directress oversees the set up and tear down of the court for stated meetings and other events


The Prophetess