Greetings from Our High Priestess

Holiday Greetings to the AMAZING Ladies of SAR-I 79. I hope this finds you all Happy, Healthy and sharing time with your families.

I would like to start by welcoming Leslie, Jennifer, Marcia, Laura and Connie, our newest members of SAR-I and “Classy Cars”. I am honored to have you in our Court and a part of Karen’s Classy Cars.

My hope is that you create great friendships while we work together to benefit the children and families of Shriners Children’s. Remember, you get out of this organization what you put into it.

Thank you everyone for your participation at SUM and congratulations to all of our winners for “Around the World” night. Way to represent your heritage ladies!

Our 2nd annual “Hillbilly Golf” was a fun-filled success! Thank you to Lady Kay Neary, PHP for hosting this event again, at her home and Lady Wilma Thornton, Jr PHP and her Noble Wink Thornton for heading up and being “In Charge” of this fundraising event, their hard work is appreciated and our fall was very fulfilling.

I hope that everyone enjoyed our Wonderful Grand High Priestess Lady Karen Pryztula. One thing you will all hopefully have learned about Lady Karen is she is Very passionate for this organization and the Support AMC Project. Lady Karen is someone to be admired for her many attributes, but the one that I am most im- pressed with is her organizational skills! I am in Aawww!

The Holiday Luncheon we had in her honor was a great success! I am so proud of Lady Brenda and the wonderful job she did in planning a Holiday Luncheon/Party!

Ladies Again… I am so fortunate to be the High Priestess of this Great Court, you ladies are so wonderfully supportive and generous with your time and talents! So… let’s put those talents to work for our Fashion Show in February. Try to sell 5 tickets (including the one you buy) I know you have friends outside of SAR-I, so “go get em girls” let’s make this the most amazing fundraiser yet! Remember, everyone will leave with a prize!

Elections are coming up in February so, think about running for our Line of Officers. Lady Sherry would love to have a full line to start her year. Let’s continue to grow this court with “Each One ~ Reach One”

Blessings Upon You All, Keeping It Classy,

Lady Annie Begley, HP

Hail from Our Princess

“Believing in herself has made her unstoppable”.. Lady Sherry Delgado, Princess

 Greetings to the Lovely Ladies of Sar-I Court 79!!

Happiest of New Years to you and yours. I sincerely hope everyone had a very warm and wonderful Holiday season.

What a grand time we all had at the “Grand Holiday Party”!! Lady Brenda did a magnificent job. Lady Annie led the Grand High Priestess Official Visit with her usual flair and style!!

January is upon us and next up are Elections. With that, I must ask everyone to please consider taking a position in our “Great Court”. We need more participation on everyone’s part to keep our Court strong … we have some great positions open!! We are going to make next year a “Year of Doing More in 2024”!!

Remember to always keep the children in our thoughts and prayers … as they are our most important priority!!!

Stay safe & healthy …

Fairy Kisses … Lady Sherry Delgado, Princess


Notes from Our Associate Princess

“She has courage and is kind”.. Lady Brenda Meadows, Associate Princess

 It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving has come and gone and Christmas will soon be here.  It seems we just recently finished our time at Sunshine Unit Meet in Orlando. What a great time that was. The Kickers and Dancers enjoyed performing and then laughing as we watched our clowns try to per- form their “concert” and watching the Merrie Maker bees flit from flower to flower. We had quite the SUM attendance for our court, as usual. It is true, what we say at each meeting, we really do have a great court. After the holidays will be our fashion show, elections in February and installation in March. Wow, now I’m starting to get nervous. Guess it’s time for me to get my tiara purchased in preparation for the next term. Through all of the events and the meetings the greatest thing about our court is the caring and co-operation we all have for one another. Thank you to each of you.




Second Ceremonial Lady

“She Rises by Lifting Others”.. Lady Kowena Suckstorf, 2nd Ceremonial Lady

Greetings from the Second Ceremonial Lady

I can’t believe how time has flown by. My time so far as the Second Ceremonial Lady has been a wonderful experience. All the Ladies who attended my ‘coming out’ party (in person and by proxy) at the Sunshine Unit meet made me feel very welcome and gave me a great sense of belonging. The love and support shown by everyone

in the court has buoyed my drive to serve. It has been my touchstone while working on our 2024 fashion show and luncheon.

All the logistics for the fashion show are in place. Now we just need to sell tickets!  If you haven’t already taken tickets to sell, please contact me for a packet of five. Of course, one is for yourself, so that only leaves four to sell.  Thank you for trusting me with this important event.  Together we can make it a successful fundraiser for our court and our children.


Merrie Makers



Welcome back to all our Snowbirds, you were missed! I hope everyone enjoyed the Holidays with family and friends but now it’s back to business. The Merrie Makers Unit had so much fun at the Unit Meet in Orlando we were just a bunch of busy bees! The Merrie Makers meet on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at the Scottish Rite Building on Tuttle and we welcome everyone to stop by and visit with us. We are a fun group and we had a lot of fun activities. Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year!

In Love and Friendship.  Pat Dennis, Directress

Klassy Kickers



The Klassy Kickers have finally recovered from a wonderful unit meet, Kismet Court out did themselves. Their ideas were fun and original. They will be a hard act to follow! After making it through the holidays the Kickers and Dancers will be having their “We made it through the Holi- days Party”. On January 8th at 11:30 am Turtles Restaurant.  We will be back on our regular schedule on the 15th, starting with our meeting at 10:00 am.

If you would like to check out the Kickers or the Dancers we meet at the Scottish Rite on Mondays at 10:00 am. Feel free to come check us out, or give me a call.

I would like to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year. Alive and Kick’in, Pam

Oriental Dancers



The Oriental Dancers have had a very busy season. We performed at Sunshine Unit Meet and we practiced for months beforehand.  SAR-I Court in general showed a lot of talent and creativity as all of our units were outstanding. We hope to start practicing again for our new routines right after the Holidays. and will perform at Installation. We have a “Thank God the Holidays are Over Luncheon” on January 8th at Turtles Restaurant.  I am hoping that members of SAR-I Court had a Wonderful Christmas Holiday and New Year. Our first meeting back will be on January 15th at the Scottish Rite at 10:00 am.  Anyone interested in joining or just attending our meeting or rehearsals as a guest are welcomed.  I can be reached at or 941-405-7840.

Clown Unit

SAR-I CLOWNS – LADY KAREN KANTZ, DIRECTRESS                      (941) 321-6590


Wow! What a great Unit Meet! I am proud to say that three of our clowns were recognized for their “around the world’ costumes, (Murial Young – most authentic, Norma Cunningham – most creative, and Kay Neary – people’s choice). Our door is always open for new members, the only qualification is you must like having fun (we take this very seriously). Hope you all had happy and healthy holidays and wish you a great New Year.

Karen Knatz, Directress

2023 September Note from our High Priestess

I hope this finds you HAPPY, HEALTHY and READY  to get back into FULL SWING at Court.  For all of our sisters in fellowship who have had illness and or losses while we have been apart, please know that we LOVE and SUPPORT YOU, and if you need anything please just reach out…. We are here for one another!

We have had some events over the summer months that have kept us in touch and I thank Lady Kay Neary, PHP for heading up our “brown bag” lunches with games and laughs for July and August.  Our Christmas in July was a Huge Success for the P.O.P.S division of Shriners Children’s of Tampa.  Thank You Lady Mary Jane Hamilton, PHP for leading the charge on our toy drive.  We managed to collect well over Four Thousand dollars in toys!!!  Way to go ladies.  Also in  July; Lady Tanya DeWitt and I participated in the Lethal Luau, put on by the ladies of Cairo Ct.  Ladies from Cairo, Tahuti, Nefertiti all participated.  We had a fun time playing characters in a Lethal Luau, and we will have to think about hosting something for all the Courts next summer.

I am looking forward to a busy fall!  We have a Ceremonial in October.  Welcome to all of our new fraternal sisters!  S>U>M:  Around the World with Kismet, November 3rd & 4th in Orlando. Registration cut off date is October 4th.  “Hillbilly Golf” This is our 2nd Annual for this event and it’s going to be a HOOT!  Make sure you participate in the fun.  December will be our Grand High Visitation and Holiday Party.  Please ladies, let’s do our best to show Lady Karen what a GREAT COURT we truly are!  I have enclosed information on the Grand Highs special project for the year, Supporting AMC.  Check it out and let’s do our best to raise money for this project.

I want to close by saying to you all Thank You!  You all have made me so very proud to be a part of Sar-I court!  We get out of this organization what we put in. Think back to when you joined and how hard it was to meet someone new or understand some of the “do’s and don’ts”  that everyone else seems to understand but you don’t… Do us all a favor and reach out to someone new and lend a hand or just let them know that we all mess up on our “do’s and don’ts” sometimes!


Keeping It Classy,

Lady Annie Begley, High Priestess

Sar-I Ct 79

2023 September Note from our Princess

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Summer Holiday… remember to stay cool and hydrated…

Things are certainly moving along at warp speed.  Fall is upon us, and the Holiday Season is right around the corner.  We have so much to look forward to in the coming months.  I hope everyone is planning to attend the SUM in November.  It is always a great time!

We all need to step up and work together for the Children!!  We are a very strong Court and are very fortunate to have so many Past High Priestesses and Past Grand High Priestesses who continue to remain very active.  Being involved and active is so rewarding … it is always a good time to start thinking about jumping in and taking a position!!

I want to thank everyone for all of the love and support you all have extended to me, So excited!!!

Stay safe & healthy!

Fairy Kisses … Lady Sherry